800 Pound Bear Stolen

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A bar patio is a little bit lighter, after its resident of 10 years has been pushed off. John El-Ayazra is the owner of Eagles Nest Bar in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. 10 years ago he received an 8 foot, 800 pound bear from a friend who shot it in Russia, it was mounted in Alaska, and has lived on the patio of the bar ever since. Until recently, some men pushed the mounted bear off the patio early Sunday morning. The cook at the bar saw the men and started yelling at them, and the would be thieves drove off in their pick up truck. Responding police could not push the bear back up the stairs so left it under the stairs. The bear was taken sometime during the early morning hours, probably by the men who pushed it over the patio rails.

Police say damage was done to the bear, and to the stairs where the bear landed. El-Ayazra does not believe this is just a prank, if it was, the bear would've been returned by now. He stated the bear is worth at least $10,000 dollars. They are investigating the culprits, as one of them used his credit card to buy drinks. From Wpxi.com.


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I can not beleive that these

I can not beleive that these people who ever they are were able to lift a 800 pond bear into a truck.

I would imagine that these guys were not planning on selling it. They are probably sitting in basement having some beers and talking about how they did it.

It is crappy that the man lost his bear that was shot in russia by one of his friends and now some one just comes along and steals it.

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I doubt a sale is planned for

I doubt a sale is planned for this guy at all but rather a stupid plan to have something in someones garage or basement to sit around and look at and drinking with thier friends. There have been similar cases here involving school mascots but of course those always get returned after the joke is over. hopfully these guys get busted and the joke will be on them.

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I agree goose, why would

I agree goose, why would anyone want to take that?  Maybe some rich businessman, who has no time to go out on his own, would pay good money for it.  However, other than that, it would be increadibly hard to get rid of.  Maybe it was a practical joke or something, like some kind of fraternity prank. But I am guessing that is not the case, and the authorities and owners are not laughing.

Who knows, maybe we'll see a big stuffed russian bear getting wheeled into an episode of Pawn Stars one of these days. lol

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Absolutely Hilarious!

My Dad grew up in that area and I am very familiar with the specific place. You cannot hide this large stuffed bear. The individual using his credit card will be caught - guaranteed. It is only a matter of time he provides the whereabouts of this icon of the local area. Or somebody takes advantage of the reward money. Bottom line - don't drink too much to think you can get away with taking/stealing a large stuffed bear that everyone within 50 miles is very aware of!



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Why would you want to steal

Why would you want to steal the a mount like that?  I guess I just do not think some of these people.  I wonder what these guys will do with it..its not like you can display it for the public, someones is bound to see it and put two and two together.  I guess you could put it in your basment and go look at it once in awhile.  Some people I will never understand.