6 Point Buck Finds Himself in School

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Rowan University Music Hall in New Jersey got a surprise visitor on Monday. A 6 point buck broke in through a closed first floor window, surprising professors, and students, and probably himself. The buck was there for about 10 minutes, when the professors realized the buck could be a safety hazard for the students so instructed them to hang out in closed practice rooms while the deer ran frantically back and forth, leaving damage in all directions.

The buck finally ran out through a door and into the woods. The buck was bloodied and left a wake of broken glass. From NBC Philadelphia.


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Always funny to read about

Always funny to read about these stories as long as the critter or anyone gets hurt. Just read one a few days ago about a doe that walked into a womans house and was eating the plants in her living room. The one I really found strange was in Alaska (I Think) where a bear walked thru part of a hospital. They had him on all the security cameras but very few folks saw it. Guess critters get curious too.  

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It's All in the Reflection - I think!


I have read many articles about deer breaking through glass windows and doors.  Most articles provided that the deer thrashed around for a while and then finally get back out - albeit cut and bruised but still alive.

I think I read where it is the reflection that the deer sees within the glass that attributes to them crashing through the window or door.  They see what appears to be another deer and because of the season (rut) they go berserk on their own image.  Once inside it is a free for all for the deer just trying to get back out.

I'm glad that nobody was hurt and this article then provides a funny review of a situation which could have been far more serious of a situation.



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I have heard of these things

I have heard of these things happening before but never in a school that I can remember. Fotunately no one was hurt. They will have a prety good story to tell later for sure and I bet some of them have pretty good cell phone pictures to sgare as well. Hopefully the deer comes out of it okay as I know some of them have died after due to injuring themselves so baldy trying to get back out.

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Man, I have always heard

Man, I have always heard about the older bucks being "educated", but not the young guys!  Guess he's starting early! :lol:  I tell you what though, is there something freaky about that stock photo they are using with the article?  Looks like he's giving you the evil eye......

Pretty funny.  Could be a serious situtaion with him freaking out, running around with those antlers.  Glad to see that nobody got hurt.  Hopefully he just got some minor cuts, and will grow up to be a nice fat 10 pointer in a few years.  Should be easy, since he's educated now....Wink


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Glad that no students or

Glad that no students or teachers got hurt and the deer should be fine as well. You hear about this stuff happening all the time in the midwest and east coast regions where urban deer population are some what out of control. A few years back when I was visiting some family in Minnesota it seemed like just about every day there was another story on the news about a deer crashing into a store and running a muck destroying the place. or running into traffic on a freeway in down town Minneapolis. Officals in major city's like that need to come up with a game plan to remove some of the critters for their safety and the safety of the public.

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I've seen similar videos

I've seen similar videos where deer have "broken into" a convenience store and trashed the place trying to get back out.  It would be kind of scary to be sitting in class and have that kind of disruption, even if it was a small buck.

Glad no one got hurt and hope the deer will be fine too.  The students and professor have a really unique story to tell all of their grandchildren too!

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Young Bucks

Aaaah young bucks, they prefer the Rock N Roll.  Guess it was his way of saying, "Roll Over Beethoven and tell Tschaikowsky the news."