308 SSS Idaho Wolf Raffle Raises Nearly $10,000

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Back in November we mentioned a creatively named charity raffle being held by an Idaho sheriff. It appears that the "308 SSS Idaho Wolf Raffle" was a big success and raised nearly $10,000. According to Klewtv.com the department has big plans for the proceeds of the raffle.

"The money is going to elementary schools, a total of eight elementary schools," said Idaho County Sheriff Doug Giddings. "We've managed to pull about $1,000 for each one of them. We'll be able to give about a couple hundred dollars for the drug and alcohol free program for the high schools and a little bit left over for the food banks."


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Pretty cool! Great raffle,

Pretty cool!

Great raffle, great cause, and a really creative name.

Gotta love it!

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He did a great job raising

He did a great job raising money for the schools and should be commended for it. I think his intentions were all good and tried to put a humorous twist on it to gather more interest, In which he certainly succeeded. I've never heard of that much money being raised at a bake sale that's for sure anyway.

If you go back and look at all the response from the original release of this raflle here you will notice everyone thinks the whole thing was a bad idea and a straight out approval to go poaching. I'm not sure on that one but it sure got a lot of response.

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I like it!  I especially like that they included a Shovel in the prize.  They should have also included a box of ammo, but I guess that might make people a little too uncomfortable. 

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Yes - that's very creative,

Yes - that's very creative, to be sure. A 308 SSS Wolf Raffle that was held on 3-08-11 and the winner gets a gun rack, a .308 rifle and a shovel.

And what does "SSS" stand for? Safety, Security and Survival, of course. What else could it possibly stand for?

This sounds like a really worthy cause to me. $10,000 raised for elementary schools, drug and alcohol programs for high schools and also money for food banks.

If you ask me, these folks are very community-minded. I don't see how they could possibly be open to any criticism.