$300,000 for Bighorn Sheep Tag

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The chance to hunt a bighorn sheep in any hunting unit in Montana this fall, was worth $300,000 to a New York man. This isn't even the highest the tag has been auctioned off for, in 1994 it went for $310,000.

The Wild Sheep Foundation held their convention in Reno, Nevada in January. The tag was auctioned at that time, and James Hens was the highest bidder.

Montana offers for auction several of their big tags to various conservation groups that vie for them. 10% of the profit goes to the conservation group and the rest goes to Montana FWP for studies, and habitat improvement for said animal. The bighorn sheep usually is the highest netting big game animal.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation will sell the elk and moose tags when it holds its annual rendezvous in Reno. The Mule Deer Foundation will auction the mule deer tag and the Great Falls Safari Club International will auction the mountain goat tag at its annual spring meeting. From GreatFallsTribune.com.