2012 Hunting Cartoon Calendar Just in Time for Christmas Gift-Giving

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Are you struggling with trying to figure out what to give your hunting buddies for Christmas? Well fret no more, we have the perfect gift! Our cartoonist Randy McIlwaine has put together a hilarious calendar featuring his original and very funny hunting cartoons, the same ones we publish weekly right here on BigGameHunt.net.  If you've enjoyed the hunting cartoons, then you'll also enjoy the calendar that Randy has put together. The 2012 Hunting Cartoon calendar is ready to ship, just in time for holiday gift giving! For more information and to order visit Randy's CafePress webpage.


Cartoon Hunting

Hunting is a hobby for some people. People travel to forest to forest & do hunt there. They kill the animals for fun. It is bad as well a crime also. Here the 2012 Hunting Cartoon Calender shows hunting activity & the steps of hunting in funny way. User can see the photos which are edited & published in such a way that people will enjoy insted of being cruel. Thi calender is based on cartoon movies. The characters are edited, the images are edited for fun only. It is possible due to some software.


Ca_Vermonster's picture

If it's anything like the

If it's anything like the ones posted on the site,and since it is the same cartoonist, then it would definately be worth it.  It's a good stocking stuffer, or beyond that, a full on gift.  I might have to check it out.  As retired said, it would be a good gift for my dad also. 

They remind me alot of the far Side cartoons from a decade ago.  Simple one pane cartoons, geared towards our favorite subject, hunting of course.  Thanks for the info on the calendar!


We did notice that the shipping is significantly less if you buy several calendars. We looked at purchasing a dozen or so and the cost was only about $7-8 for all of them. So didn't think that was too bad.

Retired2hunt's picture

 Definitely not bad for

 Definitely not bad for shipping.  Even 4 calendars total is $6.75 in shipping.  Even since I am shipping to three different addresses the shipping is not bad.


Retired2hunt's picture

  This happens to be a


This happens to be a perfect gift idea for my Dad and Brothers.  Every year I struggle to think of a good gift for Dad (usually some type of hunting item) and normally end up with a gift card from Dicks or Cabelas or some other outdoor company.  Since I know Dad's humor and I do read and like Randy's comics this will work perfectly.  At 21.99 I think the calendar is worth it.  The $5.25 for shipping is a little high but the $27.24 price is still worth it for Dad.  Great idea and thanks for the quick and easy gift purchase!


hunter25's picture

I have never been one to buy

I have never been one to buy calendars but this should be a pretty good one and I do look forward to reading the comixs when they are posted on the site here.

GooseHunter Jr's picture

Perfect gift for some of

Perfect gift for some of those huting buddies...great idea!!

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