175 Pound Wolf is Alaska's Largest on Record

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The Fairbanks Daily News Miner is running a good article on the size variation of wolves in Alaska. The largest Alaska wolf ever taken weighed in at a smashing 175 pounds and was trapped in 1939. However most wolves are in the 90-110 pound range.

If you’re looking for the biggest wolves in Alaska, head to the Fortymile country. “They run some big wolves in that country,” state wildlife biologist Craig Gardner, who spent 20 years working in the area while stationed at Alaska Department of Fish and Game in Tok, said.


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That is a hunongous canine.  Can you imagine all the Alaskan moose and other game that a top predator like that processes in his or her lifetime?  There must be literally hundreds of animals that go down to keep a wolf pack with members like that alive through the Alaskan winter!

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Gee whiz... think of a 150

Gee whiz... think of a 150 pound German Sheppard dog... that would be the size of these wolves.

Those are some seriuous beasts.

Now, put them in a well orgainized hunting "pack" and you can see how wicked they might be.

I was amazed at the statistic that they generally require about 10 pounds of meat per day... go back to the dog analogy... most dogs, even big ones, would be fed...what.. 2-3 pounds of food per day?

I guess the constant being on the move to hunt and the bitter cold they have to ward off requires more calories to stay warm?

At any rate, those are some wickedly big dogs and other than the bears, I would have to say they are the apex predators of Alaska.

Great work BGH - super story!


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Wow, that's a big doggy. 

Wow, that's a big doggy.  Wouldn't want to run across that guy in the middle of the tundra!

It's funny how Alaska is in it's own little world.  they coexist with the wolves, and hold controlled hunts for them.  Yet, the population is still solid. 

There was some fighting against that aerial hunt a few years ago, but for the most part, you never hear down here in the lower 48 about any problems up there with protests. 

Wish the animal rights nuts here would take Alaska as an example.