17 Alligators Escape Florida Farm

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Hernando Alligator Farm in Citrus County Florida felt a little empty after 17 of their reptile residents escaped. A hole was dug under the fence and 17 alligators managed to get out. The residents in close proximity were warned of the escape, and so far 9 have been recovered.

Residents of Fairview Estates aren't pleased about the situation. They will continue keeping their eyes open for the gators, as that is all they can do in a situation like this. Florida Fish and Wildlife said the owner does have a permit, and just passed inspection in February. The alligator owner has been cited for maintaining wildlife in an unsafe or unsanitary condition. That's a second-degree misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $500 or up to 60 days in jail. From CFNEWS13.com.


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"El Lagarto," has escaped!

"El Lagarto," has escaped!  I saw some immense alligators in the Jacksonville zoo when I was in Florida and some smaller cousins free roaming in the zoo’s canals not very far away.  The idea of those giant reptiles out on the loose is frightening  In 2010 a new record alligator was taken on Lake Washington in the state of Florida.  It measured over fourteen feet long!  Just try to imagine that prehistoric reptilian predator that wants to kill and eat you on the loose!   I am not arguing for the eradication of all alligators.  But I don’t see many redeeming features in them and if there is a species that seems to be a natural enemy of the human race – I think it is the alligator so I wouldn’t mind all of them being behind cage bars!