11 Point Buck Becomes Burgers, Sausages, and Steaks

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Douglas County which includes the city of Omaha, is one of the most urban areas out of the 93 counties in Nebraska, but has an abundance of trophy bucks. Robert Locksley, (the name is an alias), since the hunter wants anonymity during the rest of deer season, was hunting in Douglas County.

Locksley went out to a tree stand an hour and a half before sunset on September 30th. When he saw something coming, all he saw was antlers. He doesn't count, he just knew it was a shooter. Locksley is an avid bow hunter, something he has been doing for half of his life. Locksley had to remind himself to calm down, as he waited for a clear shot. The deer moved, but was still in brush. Finally Locksley had a clear shot, he drew back, and let the arrow fly, hitting the deer in the chest. Locksley downed his buck with an Easton arrow tipped with a Slick Trick broadhead and fired from a Hoyt Maxxis 35 compound bow with a 70-pound draw. He uses WR Custom bowstrings.

Then not moments later an 8 point buck came down the same path, chewing leaves. Locksley had a permit for 2 bucks, but he decided to let this one go, hoping that he will see him again. He whistled but the buck didn't move. The buck didn't know what was going on. Locksley shined his flashlight at the buck, and that got him running off into the woods.

Locksley didn't know what he had until he got home and counted the points. The buck's typical antlers may rank in the top five among big-game archery trophy records compiled by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. That's why the hunter requested anonymity during the remaining months of deer season. The 11-point buck could score from the mid-170s to 180 points on the Boone and Crockett Club scale used to measure antlers. From Omaha World-Herald.


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Great looking buck but a

Great looking buck but a strange head line. Sad he wants anonymity during the rest of deer season, but understand if folks are going to follow him like a lost dog. Just like not wanting to give give your secret fishig hole. Congratulations to the hunter whoever he is.

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Don't Know About the Anonymity Of It All?!?!


I really don't understand the anonymity needed here.  If I was the proud and legal harvester of this great buck I wouldn't mind having my name associated with it.  Yes, there may be others looking to hunt the same area but the article basically tells where the harvest occured.  A "most urban" area can only contain so many hunting allowances.

Anyhow - a great animal here.  And I would definitely be proud to have my name associated with it.  I hope this hunter does accomplish being within the top five for his state - even if he is really just looking for "shooters".

As for the meat - I would definitely enjoy those tenderloins, backstraps and the rest being burger and maybe sausage.  I would think the steaks on this brut would be tough and need a lot of tenderizing!



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Great buck for sure!!! I can

Great buck for sure!!! I can understand trying to avoid the publicity at least for a little while especially while the season is still underway. And I'm sure there are plenty of guys that would actually try to follow him around trying to find his hunting area as if the buck were still there. I've been planning to hunt in Nebraska for years but have been unsure how to go about it as the stories of the hunting pressure in many public areas in unbelievable. I ahve condidered the later muzzleloader season but have heard that the chances go way down due to how hard they get hit in the rifle season. Somewhere on the west side like the Pine Ridge is where I have been looking.

Anyways stories like this one keep the thinking going about making the trip a reality someday soon.

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sugar beets

I was going TDY to Omaha allot during the hunting season and because of work just never got a chance to just stay and hunt.  People hunt with vehicles down there, deer found on the road dead all the time.  I've seen big giant bucks just sitting in the middle of a beet field.  Right out in the open.  So big they can't even hide how big the racks are out there.  Not a care in the world just mocking me as I pull off the road to look.  It’s crazy on the amour of deer they have right around the city.  Oh and the Bass Pro Shops just over the river in Iowa is way cool place.  It has HUGE fish tank in their restaurant.

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That's what I loved about it

That's what I loved about it there.  Turkeys around the streets, game everywhere.  A Bass Pro in Council Bluffs about 10 miles away, and a Cabelas 10 miles the other way in La Vista. Awesome!!!

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Yeah Man that's it.  I hit

Yeah Man that's it.  I hit both those places numerous times.  I actually prefer Bass Pro Shops over cabelas.  I have one here in Macon GA just 30 minutes away.  Sweet deals.

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Yeah Numb, I agree, the title

Yeah Numb, I agree, the title was leading me in a totally different direction.  Anyway, that is a phenominal buck, and another reason why I want to move to Nebraska.  I had the chance at a job in Omaha this past spring, so that guy could have been mine lol

There are some real bruisers in the bread basket states.  Kansas, Oklahoma, and now Nebraska.  Some real beauties out there.   Don't know what I would do if this guy actually walked out in front of my stand.  Heck, even a nice 8 point like the guy had afterwords would probably make me shake.

Congrats to the lucky hunter!  For sure, a buck of a lifetime with any weapon, let alone archery equipment.  Very clever with the Robin of Locksley name.  But, didn't Robin get accused of poaching on the Sheriff's land?  He better be careful using that name..... Wink

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That is a very nice buck. Not

That is a very nice buck. Not very wide but it has some very nice long tines. I would be very happy with that guy for sure. Congrats to  the hunter on harvesting this very respectable buck. The title of the story had me a bit confused as I think all deer trophy animal or not would end up being butchered up and prosessed in some way shape or form. I was shaking my head wondering what you would do with it if you weren't planning on eating it. I wish I had an urban hunting oppertunity here but we don't. Some of the biggest deer I have ever seen have been less than a mile from my house in some tree farms. Here in Oregon you can not hunt in an incorporated city or city limits and unfortunatly that covers a lot of ground near any city in my area. Maybe some day that will change but for now I just get to shoot them with a camera and enjoy watching them. Again congrats to the hunter and good luck in the future.