10 Year Old Sleeps Through Parents Getting Mauled by Bear in Home

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The Moyer family lives in a very rural area of Pennsylvania, in Oliver Township. Richard Moyer was doing his typical Monday morning routine, letting out their husky, pit bull mix Brindy at 3 am before getting ready for work. Brindy went running off into the woods. Moyer heard her bark and growl, he got a flashlight because he said it didn't sound normal. Then he saw Brindy come running towards the house with a black bear right on her tail.

Brindy came running in as did the bear, that attacked Moyer. The sound of the scuffle brought down Angela Moyer from an upstair's bedroom. The bear attacked Angela as she came to her husband's aid. Brindy attacked the bear. Moyer went back at the bear. "What are you going to do? I kept my head down and just leapt into the bear," he said.

The bear became more aggressive, biting, and clawing. Then it seems the fight suddenly left the bear, it went out the door to the patio and just sat there. "If it had wanted to kill me I think it had have gone ahead and done it," said Moyer. "I guess (the bear) was just ticked off at the dog and came after me."

Police arrived after the bear had left. Richard and Angela were both taken to the hospital where they were treated. Richard received 37 staples to the back of his head. Angela has a cracked vertebra and bites and claw puncture wounds. By the end of the day they were back home and reunited with their 10 year old son, who slept through the entire ordeal.

There are some that think the bear may be a sow who was defending her cubs, or may have rabies. Black bears are usually very timid, but in most attacks it is started by a dog. If they smell a human they usually run off though. There are traps set around the area to catch the bear in case it does indeed have rabies. From CNN.com.


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Another bad bear attack. I

Another bad bear attack. I don't think this looks like a bear defending her cubs here as it says after the attack she just went out on the porch and sat there. I think if she had cubs close she would have returned to them after she thought the threat was over. After all the other attacks I think this one needs to be put down quickly. Good thing the boy slept through it as it's likely he would have never survived the wounds his parents sustained if it had happened to him as well.

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I cant beleave all the bear

I cant beleave all the bear attacks tha have happened this year. It must be something in the air. For the kids sake I'm glad he slept through the attack. As a parent it would kill me to have any of my kids witness anything like that. Also glad the kid wasnt attcked as well. Hopefully the bear was just defending its cubs and not infested with rabbies, those shot hurt. Good to hear the man and woman werent killed in the scuffle. I hope the officals will be able to catch the bear and either relocate it to a non populated area or put it down as it could attack again. I hope someone will be able to determine why there are so many attacks this year, I"m very curious and dont want the trend to continue.

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I think this is the same one

I think this is the same one I posted yesterday, but that article never mentioned that the boy had slept through it.  Probably a good thing, cause I would have hated to see the boy run out and try to help out his parents.  If that had happened, we may have been talking about a little boy getting mauled and killed by the bear, instead of his parents getting some staples.  He's very lucky!

I wonder if it's a population issue, a food issue, or a human encroachment issue that is driving all of these bear attacks lately.  Maybe it's a combination of all 3.  Whatever it is though, there sure have been alot of bear attacks since this spring.  It seems like there is one every week.

Glad to see the parents survived this ordeal and are back at home.

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wow, this is like the 5th

wow, this is like the 5th bear atttack this year. my guess is that forage has been very poor this year forcing the bears into new territory to find food. in the case of this bear, it may have been looking for some garbage, or looking to have dog for dinner. either way, they should really do their best to trap the animal. (they'll probably sedate it and transport it over the West-Virginia line since that's what Pennsylvania does with all of their garbage.)

i'm really wondering why the guy didn't shut the door on his dog. that's what i would have done, sorry about your luck pooch! i'd have done my best to keep both of them outside.

i wonder how big the bear was also. unlike the man who just took the state record bear, most bears in that area are 180-250 pounds, which isn't that big.

i am glad to hear that everybody survived though. and it's amazing the boy slept through the whole ordeal, his freinds will be ribbing him about that for years!

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That definetly does sound

That definetly does sound much like a black bear in it's right mind.  I sure hoope it was just protecting it's cubs and not sick.  But as we saw with the grizzlies in Yellowstone.  One they attack they may do it again.  maybe they can vatch her and if there is some cubs try reloacting them and see irf that helps.  If not I hate to say it but this bear may have just meant the end of it's journey.