10 Point Buck for Her Last Youth Hunt

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Darrin Rader of Tuttle, Oklahoma has had his two daughters tag along on deer hunts since they were five years old. As they got older he would take Riley and Raegan out on the youth deer hunts. Last year was Riley's last one, and this year was Raegan's last one and he wanted the hunt to be special.

Last year Raegan did not shoot a deer, as she did not see one that she liked. This past weekend Raegan passed on several bucks that she saw late Friday. Raegen has been hunting for awhile, harvesting her first deer at 8.

On Saturday morning she and her father saw a large buck through the binoculars. They stalked the large buck for awhile, and then Raegan got a shot at the buck, the buck “jumped and bolted, making it about 80 yards before piling up, bringing an end to several years and many, many hunts with my two girls during the youth rifle season,” Darrin said. Raegan's patience paid off with a 10 point buck that Saturday morning. From NewsOK.com.


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Now that's agreat buck no

Now that's agreat buck no matter how old you are. I'm sitting here in Texas waiting for the Saturday opener for deer and just hoping to see something even close to that big. It's great to see these young girls hunting and doing so well. My daughter hunts a lot but i kn ow she would not be passing many up at all waiting for a really big one. She has raken some good ones but she just won't wait for them.

A big congratulations on this great buck and the patience needed to get him and make it happen.

I don't think I'll be passing many up either this week by the way. First decent one I see if I do see one will probably be th eone I take.

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Sounds liek the Dad has

Sounds liek the Dad has raised his 2 daughters well!  Many other men may shy away from introdicing girls to the sport, but this guy appears to have been into it from the get-go, and it's paying off.  I bet he couldn't be happier. To be that accomplished, and to finish off your "youth" hunting career with a nice Oklahoma whitetail like that, is something great for sure!  A big congratulations to the young lady.

The only thing I am sad about is for the guy that eventually becomes her boyfriend.  More than likely, she's gonna have better trophies hanging around than him, so I hope he does not get intimidated too easily.  Wink

Beauty of a buck!

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That smile says it all. That

That smile says it all. That is one heck of a buck One that any hunter/huntress would be happy with. And to take it on her last youth season. That one will be extremely hard to top in her adult hunting career. I would like to see the smile on the proud dads face. Congrats to both of them on the very sucessfull hunt. I would love to harvest a deer like that in my life time I have yet to shoot a deer bigger than a small 4x4. That one makes my biggest look like bambi. I wish you the best of luck with the rest of your hunting career.

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Wow looking at her smile you

Wow looking at her smile you can tell she is one happy young lady. Congratulations to Raegan on a great looking buck. Always great to read stories like this about families hunting and get outdoors together. I am sure dad and the girls will have many great hunts to come.

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  That is just one great


That is just one great story.  The focus of a father to be bringing his daughter out hunting for so many years that by age 17 she is focused on passing on several smaller bucks to wait on a larger one that is more closely at her expertise level is just incredible. 

Great job at harvesting this 10 pointer as your very last youth hunt!

I really don't think that the years ahead of this young lady will provide any disappointment.  Her father has taught her wll and she is just starting a lifetime of excellent hunting adventures and memories.

Thanks so much for sharing this once-in-a-lifetime event.  Great story!!!