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Texas becomes the 19th state to guarantee right to hunt



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Basic bolt action rifle cleaning and maintenance

Its important to clean your hunting rifle every quarter if you havent used it, and after each trip to the field or range. The primarily area of attacking the burnt carbon, metal shavings, and corrosive primer chemicals left behind by every range or field session is the barreled action. With a safe and unloaded weapon, with no brass or ammo around, remove your bolt and set it to the side.

Idaho sheep hunter wakes up with bear munching on his noggin


"I could hear the bear breathing on me," said Stephen Vouch recounting his harrowing tale of a 227-pound black bear chewing on his skull in the middle of the night.

Record buck turns out to be illegally taken-- after wardens called in to measure it



The head and antlers are being held as evidence (Photo: LA Bowhunters)

Hunter fights off wolf pack with .380 pocket gun


While scouting for deer sign before the start of the season in Wisconsin, Matthew Nellessen found himself face to face with a trio of hungry wolves and, according to reports, was forced to take action.

Make hunting easier with the help of a horse

During the sometimes exhausting trek into the wilderness in search of big game year after year, it is possible that we notice changes. Some of those changes could include seeing downed trees or flora that has been changed by wildfires. Perhaps the sounds of nature are a little different this year than last or perhaps the sound you are hearing is actually your body groaning in protest.

The 1909 Roosevelt African Expedition


Teddy and Kermit Roosevelt atop an African buffalo, 1909. Image from Smithsonian Institution Archives

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