Photo Evidence Leads to Conviction

Yukon residents Alan Robinson, John Robinson and Jean-Claude Masse were first charged in 2009 with illegally killing caribou. They lawyered up and claimed to have killed the animals legally and denied any wrong doing. Yukon conservation officers are credited with good investigative work in finding photographic evidence that proved the trio of hunters were in the wrong.

Savor the Day

Emily Bauer got her first turkey last year - a tom. This year she went with her father and brother at the beginning of turkey season, the youth hunt, as an experienced 14 year old turkey hunter. They found the area that they liked, parked the truck, set up turkey decoys, and settled down behind some brush for protection from the wind.

They had hunted this area previously and scouted it earlier. They were unsure if they would see any turkeys, but it was the beginning of the season and they had time. After about 20 minutes of occasional calling they heard a gobble. Then a hen came into their line of sight, followed by a jake and a tom close to where they had parked the truck. The hen took off away from Emily. They used a call, but had little faith, thinking the jake and tom would follow the hen.

Virginia Fire Danger Closes Hunting in Areas

Several large wildfires are burning in Virginia, with over 19,700 acres already burned. Due to the fires, public access has been closed until it is safer for people to be in these areas. Portions of George Washington and Jefferson National Forests will be closed to hunters for the spring turkey season.

Wyoming Game and Fish Estimate 52 Wolves will be Harvested by Hunters

If everything goes as planned, the wolf will be delisted in Wyoming this fall, except inside Yellowstone National Park. That means it will be up to the state of Wyoming to manage the population at sustainable levels. If the wolf population gets reduced too much, the wolves will be placed back on the endangered species list - under federal control.

Polar Bears Suffering Unexplained Fur Loss

Scientists in Alaska are seeing polar bears that are suffering from hair loss and skin lesions. This is not the first time this has been reported, in the late 90s the same thing was happening.

9 of 33 bears checked in the southern Beaufort sea region are suffering from alopecia - fur loss. 3 of 4 bears checked near Kaktovic are suffering with the same symptoms, fur loss and skin lesions. Blood and tissue samples were taken from the bears with the symptoms.

Wisconsin Police Shoot Large Bear

Wisconsin is home to a large population of black bears, and now is the time of the year when they are coming out of their winter dens. At the end of March the Department of Natural Resources officers trapped one black bear in Marshfield and relocated it.

On April 9th a number of people called the police to report a large black bear in town. The large black bear was estimated to be around 500 lbs, and had become aggressive towards the residents. He would stand on his hind legs and challenge residents. Police contacted DNR and the DNR told the police to not lose the bear.

Escaped Alaska Bear's Biggest Threat - Other Bears

Heavy snowfall in Alaska had caused damage to an electric fence at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center near Portage. The fence had to be turned off for maintenance, during that time period, the inhabitant a 2 year old Kodiak bear was able to escape by climbing over the fence.

Shaguyik (sheh-GOY’-uk), an Eskimo name for “ghost” or “shadow" is the escaped bear, and the first escapee the center has had. They let the public know almost a week after the bear escaped. For Alaska though it is just another bear in an area that is already populated by many bears. Even though Shaguyik was raised in captivity, the public is asked to stay away if they see her.

Fuse Archery Switch Convertible Quiver Review

Quivers are one of those bow must have accessories during a long, especially pack in hunt. Arrows get lost, bent, or otherwise damaged and it's not always easy to just pack it back and get a few more arrows. On the downside, when selecting a quiver a hunter has to decide between weight and capacity of the quiver. More capacity helps with having more arrows in reserve, but that just adds more total weight to the bow. If you have ever had this dilemma, Fuse Archery has a new quiver called the "Switch" that might just be what you are looking for in a new quiver.

Missouri Town Hosting Alligator Round Up

Two years ago a reptile salesman showed up in Kennett, Missouri. He is believed to have sold at least 50 alligators in the town before police officers were able to stop this illegal activity and get him out of town. Now that the alligators are getting older, and not as easy to keep in a house, the Kennett Humane Officials are trying to round up the alligators before they are released into the wild.

Missouri Lawmakers Consider Allowing Public Transit Riders to Carry

Rep. Ed Schieffer, a Democrat from Troy, is sponsoring a bill that would allow people with concealed carry permits to pack on the Missouri public transit systems. He states the goal is to make the riders feel safe, and have more people feel comfortable using the bus or train. There are mixed feelings on the issue though.

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