The Western Hunter lives on!

Over the last several years, I have become helplessly infatuated with hunting in the mountain states. If I could make a good living solely hunting for myself, I'd be doing it. It's what I think about when I'm awake, and what I dream of when I'm asleep. For the last 5 years, I've been a member of BGH and for most of that time, I have logged on time and time again to follow the BGH Journal and The Western Hunter Blogs. Night after night, I'd be lurking in the shadows at work, trying to read the articles on my phone.

A No Plucking Way to Dress Out a Whole Turkey

The old saying is that there is more than one way to skin a cat. Well – there is more than one way to dress a turkey. Some folks just pull the breasts off and leave the rest of the bird for the coyotes, but that seems wasteful to me. When we roast a whole turkey whether it is a Butterball or wild bird, the breasts make the main course of at least one meal and most of the remaining meat gets used for turkey sandwiches the next day while the bones are stewed into stock for future use as turkey soup.

Northeast Notebook: Smell the roses

Sitting Bull is famously quoted as saying "I will remain what I am until I die, a hunter, and when there are no buffalo or other game I will send my children to hunt and live on prairie mice.

If you are a hunter, you know exactly what he meant.  Peter Hathaway Capstick reasoned that there is biological proof that humans evolved as hunters.  He explained herbivores (prey animals) have eyes on opposite sides of their head to better watch against danger.  But all hunting mammals have forward facing eyes with which we focus on the prey ahead while stalking and pursuing them when they flee.

Our lives would be incomplete without the hunt.  Yet there are times when the hunt must pause.  Game laws and closed seasons protect against over hunting.  New York’s spring turkey season ended yesterday.  It is a long wait until the September goose season and even longer until we can pursue cotton tails and white tails in the fall.  I used to find this wait almost unbearable.  I would feel frustration seeing deer casually browsing in the summer fields.  I filled my evenings with reading about other’s hunts and longing for a chance to get back in the field.  

Remington Versa Max Shotgun

submitted by: Dick Jones,Lewis Creek Shooting School

I admit it. Remington’s new Versa Max shotgun is starting to get on my nerves. I don’t normally become irritated with a gun and I realize it’s my own fault; I’m the one who made the decision not to clean it until it malfunctioned. At this point, it has 675 rounds through it from 3 ½” duck loads to 2 ½” RST super light 7/8 ounce shells meant for use in old vintage guns that might be damaged by modern high pressure loads. I even shot some 1,050 fps 7/8 ounce reloads and still… not so much as a hiccup. Every time I shoot it, it goes back into the safe dirty. I want to clean it but a promise is a promise.

KonusPro 3-10×44 Rifle Scope

The world is changing and sometimes the quality of a product so surpasses its low price it makes you wonder. Based on my personal experience, Konus scopes are a remarkable value. The latest one I’ve tried is the Konus KonusPro 3-10×44 Rifle Scope with Illuminated Reticule. This scope‘s features and quality clearly exceed its price bracket. My wife and daughter used it to bag five deer and a pig this season and they like it better than the premium priced scope that was on the Pre ’64 Model 70 they used last year. The illuminated reticule allows low light precision shooting and, in our area, the light can be really dim just before the end of the shooting day when deer are often most active.

Perfect Practice: Elevating Your Archery Hunting Skill Set

Archery Tips

Submitted by:Brandon Wikman

We all know that practice makes perfect—but taking your archery skills to a higher level takes perfect practice.

TruGlo Versa Bow Peep Review

The peep sight has become an almost universal accessory on modern compound bows, spawning a myriad of designs on the market today. However a common denominator among all of the current peeps is that they require you to pick a fixed peep aperture. TruGlo is changing up how hunters think about their peep with the introduction of the new Versa Peep for 2012.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Prolong Public Comment on Wyoming Wolf Delisting

wolfWyoming and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials had agreed that the comment period would end in January for the delisting of the wolves in Wyoming. After some recent moves by the Wyoming legislature and the Game and Fish Commission to ratify the plan the U.S.

Alaska to Give Alaska Moose Federation Additional $1.5 Million

MooseThe Alaska Moose Federation helped with luring and transporting moose away from roadways this winter. The state gave them $1.3 million to help with the moose. The federation also got a special permit in which they were able to rescue and relocate moose, zero moose were transported though.

Young Hunter Fills Her Bag

Carmen Pearson, 12, had already successfully hunted one turkey this season when she was heading out to hunt again with her grandfather, Jim Smith, in South Carolina. They had gotten off with a late start that morning, and were out calling by 7:30 am. After a half hour, there were three turkeys in shooting range. Carmen took her 12-gauge shotgun, and shot.

The dominant turkey was down, shot in the head. Her grandfather said, "You got two." Carmen looked at him with surprise and asked if he was sure. The bullet from Carmen's shotgun had struck two turkeys in the head.

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