First Hunt of the 2012 Season

Recently, youth season opened up for deer. Even though my own son isn't old enough to take hunting, I still managed to get some time out and glass the bean fields for some whitetail. I found LOTS of bucks ranging from small to giant. So, there was a lot left to capitolize on for the opener.

Vanguard Spirit XF 1042 Binoculars

I received my pair of Vanguard Spirit Binoculars to review for Outdoor Hub at the height of the offseason.

Uncertainty in Changing Conditions

So, I’ve gathered an extensive network of brother hunters all over the country. From Alaska, down the west coast- all of the way to the east coast. And yes, even Texas.

Freedom Munitions Gear Review

After having to wait through nearly the entire summer just to be able to use a fire arm out of doors, Kansas was hit with a cold front, and although I nearly had to put on a parka to hold up to the frigid 88 degrees it was outside (as opposed to the 110 degrees we’ve had), I used this opportunity to my advantage and spent some range-time with so

Watch for Signs of Hemorrhagic Disease - NY, NJ, and PA!

From New York Hunting Today: QDMA Urges Hunters to Watch for Signs of Hemorrhagic Disease Posted: 17 Jul 2012 02:33 PM PDT While heat and drought don’t cause hemorrhagic disease (HD), they set the stage for biting flies that spread the viruses to whitetails.

Finding Your Record Book Bull

Where is the best place to take a trophy bull elk? It’s the same question that is on the minds of every hunter hitting the elk country this year. Everyone has their honey hole, and their opinion of what state or location has the best and the biggest elk. If you check the record books, there are a few places that stand out time after time for producing some giant bulls.

ThermaCELL vs OFF Clip On

I absolutely hate mosquitoes, but I don’t like to use repellents with Deet. I figure anything that will strip paint from a car can’t be all that healthy to soak my body in.

Eclectic the noun

Eclectic the noun:

A philosopher who selected from the various systems such opinions and principles as he judged to be sound and rational.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

I sure like the way he puts his words together. Though I never thought of myself as a philosopher, to most folks I'm just opinionated bushrat.

How to Hunt the Drought

Last season, we all observed the effects of the nationwide drought on wildlife. Fortunately, we had one of the mildest winters ever to compensate and that resulted in very low winter mortality rates in game animals. Now this year, although somewhat better, we are still in a cycle of drought, and we can expect to see many of the things we saw last year with some new twists.

Easy Hunts to Plan

The summer has started. With temperatures across the nation in the 80’s and higher, the cool breezes of fall are often forgotten amongst the summer vacations, baseball practices and time spent with the kids. Unfortunately, the busy activities of summer leaves many hunters unprepared for the fall season, whether it’s because they didn’t make the time they wanted to practice with their weapon, or if it’s because they missed the opportunity to plan their fall season.

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