Virginia becomes latest state to ban deer urine for use by sportsmen


Effective July 1, the outdoorsmen of the Commonwealth of Virginia will no longer be able to use any scent attractants that are based on or utilize any formulation of deer urine.

New Hampshire torpedoes use of drones, smart rifles for hunting

The Granite State last month became the latest to prohibit the use of unmanned aerial vehicles for use by sportsmen for tracking game-- and added a ban on assisted rifles and live action game cams while they are were at it.

5 poachers fined more than $41K in illegal Montana elk harvest


(Caption: Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks investigator Bryan Golie loads elk antlers recovered from hunters in Washington State last week, Photo: Great Falls Tribune/Karl Puckett)

Moose auctions bring big bucks to Maine


A twenty-year-old law in Maine, in which the state conservation agency throws 10 highly sought after moose permits into the hat for youth charity, brought in more than $122,000 last month when the winning bids were opened.

Big game now open for Montana hunters with suppressors

Lawmakers in Big Sky Country made it look easy for the rest of the country by passing legislation to allow hunting with otherwise legal suppressors in Montana that was signed by Gov. Steve Bullock this week.

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