Nevada Set to Have a 2012 Bear Season, With Changes

Carl Lackey is a biologist with the Nevada Department of Wildlife, his specialty; black bears. He has seen a lot and his input is important to the Division of Wildlife when setting the season. This past year Nevada had a black bear season despite criticism. 2012 is set to have a season as well, but with some changes, brought on by residents and hunters.

Residents in the Tahoe Basin do not want hunters in the Tahoe area, so the Tahoe Basin Area will most likely be closed to hunters in 2012. Residents realize there are black bears, but they would rather face the dangers the black bears bring than the dangers hunters would bring.

2008 Bear Hunt Comes Back to Haunt Alaska Fish and Game Official

The hiring of Correy Rossi seems to be coming under fire again as a controversial move. When Rossi applied for the position as assistant commissioner of "abundance management," a newly created position at Alaska's Fish and Game, he used the Governor at the time, Sarah Palin's parents as his number one references. He was hired in January of 2009, for a position that netted over $100,000 a year. Rossi was also a big game guide, and enthusiastic hunter. There were questions about his education and whether he met the criteria needed for the job, yet he was hired and would work in that position for over two years.

Legal Hunting in Africa Brings in Money for Conservation

Conservation for animals requires land and support, and in most cases also requires money. Legal hunting of the rhino in Africa is one such case. For the population of rhino to thrive, land needs to be set aside, a wildlife refuge. With hunters willing to pay up to R1 million (over a million USD) to hunt a white rhino, the population of white rhinos would receive greater benefits than banning hunting of them all together.

Missouri 2011-2012 Deer Season Numbers Up but Overall Down

239,000 deer were tagged during Missouri's 2011-2012 firearm season reports the Conservation Department. This number is up around 7,000 more than last year's season. However when looking at the 10 year average this number is around 13,000 short.

Smith & Wesson 629 3" Barrel 44 Magnum Revolver Review

Over the summer we took a look at the Smith and Wesson 329PD and while this is a great revolver for backcountry packing due to its light weight, the recoil is brutal. For this review we'll take a look at the S&W 629 with a 3" barrel in 44 Magnum in the hopes of retaining the versatility of the 44 Magnum cartridge while dialing down the recoil a bit.

New Hampshire Man Arraigned for Intoxicated Hunting

Police found Scott Russo, of Deerfield New Hampshire in a truck with another man at dawn on October 21st, 2011 after a report of predawn shots being fired. The officers found Russo and companion in the front of the truck, and after inspecting the vehicle found a warm, loaded hand gun that smelled of fresh gunpowder. There was a spent magazine for that handgun, and two bottles of opened beer.

Sportsmen's Alliance Wants Norton Hunter to Lose Hunting Privileges

In a previous post, we reported on the accidental shooting of Cheryl Blair in Norton Massachusetts by John Bergeron, a state trooper, who during his free time likes to hunt. It was during this free time that he made a mistake, he accidentally shot his neighbor after mistaking her dog's tail for a deer tail.

Wisconsin Hunters Targeted in Kettle Moraine State Forest

A father and his son were deer hunting in Kettle Moraine State Forest in Walworth County, Wisconsin. Both were dressed in the appropriate blaze orange for their day in the woods. They saw a man in camouflage in a hunter style face mask. He raised a handgun and shot towards the father/son hunt team. The father thought the man was aiming at them, and had shot close enough to scare him. He raised his .30 caliber rifle and shot back towards the masked gunman.

Michigan Man Brings Home Large Bobcat

Hunting has changed for Ron Edgerly over the last 58 years in the Eastern Upper Peninsula swamps of Michigan. When he was younger he was out there 6 days a week, every day but Sunday. In 1957 Edgerly and a hunting partner bagged 23 bobcats in one season. Now with the changes in DNR regulations, he could never match those numbers but this season he was able to get another record, one for size.

North Little Rock Mayor May Allow Hunting in Town

Last year the town of North Little Rock, Arkansas found their town inundated with geese. The mayor thought allowing hunting would be the best solution to remove the nuisance animals, but that ended up not happening as other means were used to remove the geese. The council had approved the use of firearms on city owned land for the removal.

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