Tourists Get a Little Too Close

A group of tourists had signed up for a daytrip to Katmai National Park in Alaska, in August 2010. The touring company was Bald Mountain Air Service, which promises brown bear sightings from a safe distance. The group of 10 photographers got a bit more than that safe distance for viewing. A brown bear, thought to have been attracted by a scent from one of the members of the group, charged at the group. The guide told them to stay still. If a bear is given a chance to do the right thing, in most cases it will. All the people did indeed stay still, even if their instincts told them to do otherwise. The 8 foot grizzly bear sniffed, lost interest and left. With that the sightseers took a deep breath, some probably in a bit of shock but thankful that the group was leaving uninjured. The video wasn't posted on YouTube until February 2011, and has been receiving hits ever since. Enjoy.

Wolf Sighting Creates Unrest in Kalispell

A lone wolf was seen around Kalispell Middle School on Sunday. A nearby resident caught some footage of the wolf that was in town, and several people reported seeing it. The FWP would like residents to remain calm. It is an uncommon event when a wolf comes into town especially in the middle of the day. It did happen, but is very unlikely to occur again. Kalispell has also had grizzly bears, mountain lions and black bears come to visit before. This is also part of living in Montana.

Trail Cams are Quite Handy in Catching a Thief

A Michigan man had five trails cams set up on property he owns in the Sullivan Township. He was checking on them, and noticed three had been moved, one had been taken completely, and one was in it's original place. The man reviewed the images on his trail cam, and with this information was able to go to the police with an image.

His trail cam had images of a young man in the middle of the day, with what looks like the missing trail cam in his hands running through a field. (Police blocked out the boy’s face to spare his identity.)

Alaska Moose Receive More Assistance

With the heavy snowfall in Alaska, moose have headed towards roads and railways to find food. In their foraging efforts they have become quite hazardous to the drivers in Alaska. The non-profit group Alaska Moose Federation has already helped a lot this year, they have taken over clean-up and removal of moose struck by vehicles, they have started feeding in efforts to entice the moose away from the roads. Now they will be literally picking up and relocating the moose. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has issued a permit for the AMF to move the moose 10 miles from the roads. The permit requires the moose to be collared, ear tagged, and moved at least 5 miles from major roads and railways.

Unfortunate Double Bang

Larry Godwin lives on a farm in a rural Dallas County Iowa. He had caught a raccoon in a live trap that he had set on his farm. Godwin aimed his .22 at the raccoon and shot. The bullet ricocheted off the trap and struck Godwin in the upper right thigh, lower abdomen area. Godwin dropped the .22 which then fired again, hitting him in the same area.

West Virginia Overhauls Deer Season

In 1979, West Virginia DNR made their first deer management plan, since then a lot has changed. There is less cropland, and more forest area. Some would think the forest is a good habitat for the deer, but it is not. Deer do better with a diverse habitat. Logging companies are not clearing out areas for fresh vegetation either. With this and the growth of residential areas West Virginia DNR officials have changed the deer population goals, to 20-35 deer per square mile. Currently some areas have up to 60-100 deer per square mile. With these numbers they have proposed some changes to the current deer season.

Fuse Carbon Interceptor Bow Sight Review

Fuse Archery produces a line of bow sights for 3D shooters and bow hunters. At the pinnacle of the Fuse line up is the Carbon Interceptor sight which is new for 2012. For this review we'll be taking a closer look at the Carbon Interceptor and what it offers for a premium bow sight.

Minnesota Seeks Aerial and Snowmobile Use in Hunting Coyotes

A Minnesota house representative, Torrey Westrom would like to bring back a bit of the old days. He has heard from some hunters that really liked the old days, 60s and early 70s, when they were able to shoot wolves from helicopters. He has introduced a proposal that would allow the hunting of coyotes from helicopters and from stationary snowmobiles.

I want to bring back something that younger generations have never had the chance to experience,” said Westrom, from Elbow Lake.

New Hampshire Teen Attacked by Coyote

A Hopkinton teen was walking his dog Wednesday, when a coyote approached. The dog ran off, and the coyote attacked the teen boy. The boy tried to fend off the coyote, repeatedly punching the animal in the nose. Eventually the coyote did take off. The boy suffered scratches, and was treated as if the coyote was rabid.

Oilsands Region of Alberta Not a Good Place for Black Bears

Alberta Fish and Wildlife Conservation Officers killed 145 black bears in the oilsands area last year. 121 alone in the month of August. Why? For one there was a terrible berry harvest, so there were a lot of hungry bears looking for food. Then there are the costs of development.

Development comes with a price, there are more companies moving into the territory that has been bear and other wild animal's habitat.

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