Big Hair Mistaken for Bird

A Grand Junction, Colorado man was having trouble with a red bird harassing his cats. Derrill Rockwell, had a .22 caliber rifle by his door that he used for other rodents around his house. On October 5th, early in the morning he spotted something red that looked like the bird harassing his cats. He grabbed his rifle, aimed, and shot at the "bird." Later he heard moaning.

Havalon Introduces New Piranta-Torch Knife

Havalon knives have become popular with hunters, trappers, and fishermen. The cutting ability of the knives is amazing for skinning, and the weight of the knife, around 2.1 ounces makes it super convenient to store in any pack. The new Piranta-Torch knife being introduced has a 20% thicker blade, making it a stronger blade. Also there is no need to sharpen the knife when it becomes dull, the blade can simply be replaced. With replaceable blades, the Piranta-Torch knife is the only knife a sportsmen needs in the field.

Stone River Ceramic Knife Review

Regardless of your style of hunting, there is one tool that is absolutely necessary on a successful hunt; a knife. Not just any knife, but a sharp knife along with a sharpening stone to maintain that sharp cutting edge. Most all hunters go afield with a stainless steel knife of some variation, but one alternative is ceramic knives. Ceramic blades offer a very sharp cutting surface and an edge that lasts for much longer because of the hardness of the Zirconia ceramic crystalline structure. For this review we are taking a look at the Stone River ceramic hunting knife.

Educate Those that Carry

The Colorado Supreme Court recently ruled that college campuses cannot ban concealed weapons on campus. As with most things there are pros and cons. One Colorado gun shop owner though is working to make it a positive issue by offering a class called, "Prepare U." Dick Abramson owns "The Gun Store" located in Centennial, and his class "Prepare U" will deal with self protection and gun safety.

Hunting Doesn't Remove Nuisance Bears

When planning the best bear management, many factors need to be taken into consideration. Studies conducted in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Ontario, looked at some of the correlations with the bear complaints, and their hunting season. Increasing the number of black bear permits, did not have any affect on the nuisance complaints.

Maine Workers Allowed to Carry

Last year Maine's governor signed into law a bill allowing workers employed by private companies to store concealed weapons in their locked vehicles during working hours. This year Governor Paul LePage signed a bill that would give state workers the same rights. It will take effect 90 days after the close of the legislative session.

Supporters of the bill say it affirms their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

Florida's 'Stand Your Ground' Law to be Reviewed

Florida, along with about 20 other states have a similar "stand your ground" law. These types of laws were put into place to protect people who felt endangered and then used lethal force to protect themselves. These types of laws give citizens legal protection for using lethal force. Critics of the laws say it gives citizens less accountability than police officers. There seems to be a large shade of grey on what constitutes feeling endangered as well. One could be in a bar fight, and feel endangered.

New Mexico's Changes to Hunting Permits Unconstitutional?

Hunting outfitters from four western states; Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming and Washington are taking the state of New Mexico to court over recent changes to the hunting permit system. New Mexico voters changed it to where more of the hunting permits would be alloted for state residents. Another push was to make 10% of the permits not available to hunters, except to those using a New Mexico outfitter. Thus creating the legal constitutionality of the matter. The team of outfitters are seeking an injunction and temporary restraining order from the law taking effect.

California Youth Turkey Hunt Will Take Place

Last year a two day youth turkey hunt was held at William Heise County Park in California. For this year's hunt County Officials wanted a less used, larger venue so Santa Ysabel East Open Space Preserve is where this year's youth turkey hunt will be taking place, in spite of protests and legal opposition, it will go on this weekend. There will be about 20 participants, each youth has to be accompanied by an adult hunter. The preserve will be closed to other visitors during the hunt.

Mama Bear Defends Her Territory

A mother bear and her cub have a trap set for them. The pair have become a nuisance in the Seminole County community of Florida. The black bear and cub had made an open lid trash dumpster their main food supply. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission had received many reports about this bear and cub. The sow had been aggressive towards dogs in the area, and FWC had come out for the complaints.

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