Jack Russell Terrier Trees Mountain Lion

Jack, an aptly named 17 pound Jack Russell terrier more accustomed to chasing squirrels, treed a mountain lion near the family farm in Colman South Dakota. The Argus Leader has a write up about Jack, Virtus and Chad Strenge and a day they probably won't forget anytime soon.

[Jack] chases squirrels around their Colman farm every day, but he made such a fuss Tuesday morning that Virtus, Chad's father, had to step out of the shop to investigate. They could hardly believe what Jack had found. "He comes running back in saying, 'Get the gun, there's a mountain lion out there,' " Chad Strenge said. "I said, 'Yeah, right.'"

Minnesota Man Takes 21-Point Buck with a 410

Glen Senske, of Blue Hill Township near Princeton Minnesota, initially didn't plan to make much of the 2010 hunting season after a doctor told him he would not be able to hunt this year. Senske has hunted for 27 years and apparently was not about to let an injury slow him down, so he rigged up a 410 shotgun for this hunting season. The Princeton Union Eagle has a more detailed story about Glen and his buck.

North Central Wyoming Deer Hunting: Regions C, Y & M

As we head up towards North Central Wyoming, our public land deer hunting options become much better. In some parts, the BLM parcels get much larger, with fewer private lands. The creek bottoms are not always going to be private as in Eastern Wyoming. Portions of the Thunder Basin Grassland extend into Region C, but we’ve also got the 1.1 million acre Bighorn National Forest offering true mountain hunting, especially around the 189,00 acre Cloud Peak Wilderness in portions of Region M.

Oklahoma Ups Boone & Crockett Prospects

The Oklahoman has a good write up about how Oklahoma has been improving the number of B&C whitetail deer taken in recent years, particularly the non-typical variety. In the past 15 years there has been a shift toward quality management rather than just "if it's brown, it's down."

More Oklahoma landowners are managing for trophy bucks today than they were 10 and 20 years ago.

Minnesota Man Hits Bear with Combine

Tom Wightman was combining his cornfield just south of Red Wing Minnesota with Darrell Breuer last week, when they heard a loud noise. The two got down from the cab to find quite a surprise according to the Pioneer Press.

"Holy cow! Is that what I think we're looking at?" Breuer recalled saying.

"We sat there on the platform and decided we weren't going down there until we were sure it was dead," Wightman said.

When they ventured down, the men realized the combine had killed a black bear.

Labrador Dramatically Cuts Caribou Hunts

The Newfoundland and Labrador officials are making significant cuts in caribou hunting after a new population count. The current government estimates put the George River herd at roughly 74,000 animals which is just 10% of the 776,000 estimated in 1993.

First Time Hunter Takes 350+ Nebraska Bull

While Nebraska is not known for a large elk population, it does have a small quality elk hunt for those that are lucky enough to be drawn. For Becky McFarlane Nebraska's elk hunting proved to be the perfect location for her first elk hunt.

The Sioux City Journal has a good write up about Becky and the hunt.

Eastern Wyoming Deer Hunting: Regions A, B and T

As  I stated in my last blog, I’d kick off my in depth look at Wyoming’s Region A, but let’s also take a look at Regions B and T, which will cover all of Eastern Wyoming. Eastern Wyoming, as a whole, has some limitations in terms of public land access. There are very few large, contiguous blocks of public land to get lost on. For the most part, you are dealing with numerous parcels in the 1-5 square mile range before running into private land or an inholding within the National Forest.

Public land hunting opportunities are best in Northeast Wyoming’s Region A, encompassing units 1 through 6.  The Black Hills National Forest and a small portion of the Thunder Basin National Grasslands make up the majority of the publicly accessible lands.

Wolf Attack Hunters Statements Posted

Last week we posted an entry on the self defense killing of a wolf by a pair of Flathead Valley hunters. Currently the NewAmerican is running an article with written statements of Mark Appleby and Mario Benedict on the wolf pack attack.

Apparently the two hunters saw no fresh sign of wolves or other predators and felt comfortable enough to have lunch near the carcass for awhile before quartering up the elk.

Professor Documents Bighorn Decline

The bighorn sheep is perhaps the most iconic North American big game animal and many hunters aspire to make a sheep hunt the pinnacle of their hunting careers. Unfortunately bighorn population counts have been in free-fall for some time. Dr. Teresa Zimmerman of Chadron State College documents the fall of the bighorn in this article.

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