Crossbow Law Divides New York Hunters

This year New York took on the issue of crossbow hunting and in 2011 NY hunters will be able to use a crossbow to hunt in any season but the early bow season. Furthermore you can only use the crossbow for big game, predators and small game hunting are still banned. The law sunsets on December 31st 2012 for evaluation.

Montana FWP Seeks Halving Bitteroot Wolf Pack

Under the Endangered Species Act states can petition the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to remove wolves if it can be demonstrated that they are unacceptably impacting elk or deer herds. Montana, like Idaho in that states "Lolo" zone, will seek to have 12 wolves removed from the West Fork of the Bitterroot.

Two Wolves Poached in Montana

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is offering a $2,500 reward for information about two wolves that were poached in the Flathead National Forest. The two wolves were found in two separate locations and both died of gunshot wounds.

NBC Montana quotes Fred Hodgeboom, president of Montanans For Multiple Use “If the executive government isn’t going to [delist wolves], the judicial isn’t going to do it, then the people are going to do it themselves.”

Grizzly Chasing Tourists Fined

File this one in the not-so-bright-news category. If you have spent any length of time in the outdoors... scratch that... if you have a pulse and are over the age of three you know that chasing bears is a bad idea. Chasing a sow with cubs is plain dumb, and chasing a grizzly sow with cubs is just a hair short of bear assisted suicide. However given a large enough population, one can always rely on statistics to produce a few souls that have missed this message.

BGH Integrates Facebook

Over the last few days we have taken a few steps to integrate with On most pages of our site you will now find the familiar Recommend button to share a given article, news item, review, etc with your network of friends and family on Facebook.

We have also set up a BigGameHunt Facebook page here. If you would like to follow some of our latest info on Facebook you can do so by visiting the linked page and adding it to your likes. Depending on the interest in Facebook, we may come up with some novel ways for you to separate the streams of info coming from BGH into specific areas of your interest.

Most NJ Residents Agree With Bear Hunt

A new poll shows that most New Jersey residents agree with a planned black bear hunt this fall. In the past, N.J. black bear hunts have been halted at the last minute by various anti-hunting groups. If this year's hunt proceeds it will be the first hunt since 2005 and the New Jersey Fish and Game Council says the hunt is needed to control the 3500 bruins in the state.

Potential Record Indiana Deer Season

Last year's whitetail deer harvest in Indiana was the largest ever with 132,752 deer taken and this year officials are predicting an even larger harvest. 13 has a brief write up on the potential harvest.

State wildlife officials say Indiana's deer hunters are expected to take a near-record number of deer during the state's deer-hunting seasons.

The state's firearms season for white-tailed deer begins Saturday and that 16-day hunt usually accounts for most of the deer taken by hunters.

Oregon Has Shocking Level of Mule Deer Poaching

OregonLive has a solid write up on a mule deer study conducted by state wildlife officials over the last five years.

The state study was conducted from Bend to the California border. Of 500 mule deer fitted with radio-collars between July 2005 and last January, 128 died during the research. Of those, poachers killed 19 and hunters legally shot 21. Cougars killed 15 and eight were hit and killed by cars. Of the rest, five succumbed to coyotes, disease claimed five and four died while tangled in fences or from some other accident ... Biologists listed 51 as "cause of death unknown," but poachers could have taken some of those, he said. "Sometimes we just find the radio collar laying out in the sagebrush,"

Vermont Hunter Takes Albino Moose

While details are not clear on the hunt or the hunter, it appears that a rare albino moose was taken during Vermont's 2010 season. has a short video with a photo of the moose here.

Mark Scott, director of Wldlife at the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department, says albino moose are extremely rare. He guesses there are only a couple in Vermont.

Pennsylvania Wildlife Officer Killed in Line of Duty

A suspected deer poacher gunned down Wildlife Conservation Officer David Grove in Adams County Pennsylvania last week. The Gettysburg Times has a complete write up on the crime and the suspected poaching.

At 10:30 p.m. Thursday, the 31-year-old Grove observed spotlighting and shots from a Chevy pickup truck in the area of Schriver Road and Red Rock Road, in rural Freedom Township. After conducting a vehicle stop, Grove ordered Johnson — the driver — and passenger Ryan Laumann outside. Grove also ordered Johnson to throw his keys out of the window, and Johnson complied. The 27-year-old Johnson used a .22-caliber rifle to shoot a spiked deer.

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