Utah Elk Hunting Overview

The state of Utah is quite famous for its trophy elk hunting.  However, you need to know how to navigate the regulations in order to take full advantage of what Utah has to offer.  One nice thing about Utah is that you do not have to pay the full tag fee up front, but you are required to buy a nonrefundable hunting license at $65.  Consider it an application fee.   And the license fees for the hot units are pretty outrageous: $1,500 for the premium limited entry units (and they want $500 from residents), $795 for the so-called limited entry units, but just $388 for the basic maximum sustained yield units.

With that expensive hunting license fee, and some other screwy application rules, Utah’s draw odds aren’t unreasonable.  Utah allows you to apply for deer, elk, antelope, moose, mountain goat and bighorn sheep, but you can only draw one of the above.  Since deer is the first species through the application system, if you draw, you’re done, no more tags (with one notable exception). 

Honor Student Faces Expulsion Over Hunting Rifle

A Columbia Falls Montana high school student faces expulsion after accidentally leaving a locked, unloaded hunting rifle in the trunk of her vehicle in the school parking lot. has a short video and story up about Demarie DeReu.

Bullet Ricochets Off Moose and Kills Man

Some strange news coming out of Sweden, according to The Telegraph, a man was killed by a bullet that ricocheted off a moose. The Telegraph article says "elk," but presumably the actual game animal was a moose. North Europeans tend to call a moose an elk and the picture on the Telegraph is of a red stag; confused yet? Founder Charged With Felony Poaching

Back in October Tony Mayer the owner of, an anti-wolf website, was charged with felony poaching. However the initial felony charged was dismissed because the judge ruled the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IFG) had not properly measured the rack of the bull elk that was allegedly poached. However after the required drying period the IFG measured again and came out with a score of 303 which in Idaho is classified as a trophy.

Arizona Game and Fish Commission Backs Wolf Delisting

Arizona appears to be joining other western states wishing to manage their own local wolf populations. According to the Arizona Daily Star, the Arizona Game and Fish Commission voted to support a bill pushed by a group of congressional Republicans that would delist the Mexican wolf as an endangered species, along with all other gray wolves living in the Northern Rockies and elsewhere in this country.

Roaming Bull Bagged in Wyoming

Its no secret that elk migrate from winter range to summer range in most areas where they reside in North America. However the extent to which juvenile elk will expand into new range isn't as clearly understood. In 2005 Wyoming Game and Fish Department biologists tagged a variety of Fossil Butte National Monument elk as part of migration study.

According to the Billings Gazette one of these bulls was taken this fall almost 200 miles from where it was originally tagged.

Going High-Tech in War Against Rhino Poachers has an interesting article and video up about a new GPS tracking system that conservation officials are using in South Africa to stop rhino poaching.

Hunter Killed in Treestand Scuffle

Kevin McCormick has been charged with assault and hunter harassment after he upended the treestand being used by hunter Jerry Benedict. Benedict fell 16 feet and later died from injuries sustained during the fall.

According to The Bemidji Pioneer, the suspect harassed the hunter and claimed Benedict was trespassing.

Deer Attacks Family Dog

In yet another reminder that deer are not as docile as they seem, a family dog was attacked in Bend Oregon. According to Tiffany Rounds' dog, Daisy, was attacked in her backyard by two does and a buck inflicting serious injury on Daisy.

Buck Trashes Maryland Home

Continuing with the deer-gone-wild news, it appears that a whitetail buck went through an elderly couple's window and proceeded to trash the house in a frenzy according to NBC. Fortunately a fast acting neighbor was able to come to the rescue and tried to wrestle the buck out of the home, but eventually had to resort to shooting the deer.

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