Colorado Moves Closer to New Bear Hunting Regulations

As we posted earlier, it appears that Colorado wildlife commissioners will be passing new rules in March that bans the shooting of a denned bear.

The Denver Post has a write up about the potential new regulations.

Alaska DFG Will Not Investigate Palin's Caribou Hunt

While most of the ruckus over Sarah Palin's reality TV caribou hunt seemed to be focused on her shooting prowess, some were pushing for her to be investigated over the amount of meat that was taken from the downed caribou. has posted a story regarding the complaints and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game's position on the hunt.

Pack Your Checked Primers Carefully

A Florida man's bag exploded after he packed "hundreds" of primers in his checked luggage. Apparently a baggage handler was removing the luggage from the plane when it exploded. No one was hurt but the explosion caused shrapnel to become embedded in the baggage handler's shoe.

According to the TSA does allow primers to be stored in checked luggage as long as they are packaged properly.

TBGA Announces New Record Typical and Non-Typical Whitetail Buck

2010 was a big year for the Texas Big Game Awards (TBGA) with two new whitetail records being announced. The new record typical was taken by Jack Brittingham and officially green gross scores at 213 7/8 B&C.

Idaho Domesticated Elk Lawsuit Dismissed

Rex Rammell's lawsuit against the state of Idaho regarding the shooting of his escaped domestic elk has been dismissed by Fourth District Judge Cheri Copsey. According to, Mr. Rammell intends to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court. For those that missed the story, KPVI details the history of the case.

Hunters Contract Parapox From Infected Deer

The New England Journal of Medicine has published a study that shows whitetail deer hunters in the eastern U.S. contracted parapox virus from infected deer. The study details the history of two separate hunters that accidentally cut themselves while field dressing separate deer. In both cases they both contracted parapoxvirus from the open wounds and later sought medical treatment for the resulting lesions.

Nebraska Hunter Takes Antlered Doe

The is running a story about Amanda McFee and her antlered doe. Antlered does are rare but it seems we read about at least one or two being taken each hunting season. The linked article gives some details about why they occur and the frequency in a given population.

As it turns out, antlered does may be unusual, but they're not as unusual as, for example, being struck by lightning. Researcher estimate one out of every 1,000 to 6,000 whitetail does produces antlers, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. One study in Canada found the ratio to be as low as one out of every 517.

Potential New Record North Dakota Mule Deer Buck

The Dickinson Press has an outdoor article up that highlights a few hunting stories for North Dakota. Among the brief descriptions the author briefly mentions a bruiser of a buck that took the 17th annual Big Buck Contest held in Dickinson. Tyson Schwab took buck scores (green score presumably) 216 5/8 and could be a new record for the state.

The Never Ending Pursuit of Poachers

The Newton Daily News is running a story about the Iowa Department of Natural Resource's efforts to crack down on poachers. With Iowa's record book whitetail bucks, comes a herculean effort to catch poachers. As the article notes some cases can take three or four years of investigative work before leading to charges.

175 Pound Wolf is Alaska's Largest on Record

The Fairbanks Daily News Miner is running a good article on the size variation of wolves in Alaska. The largest Alaska wolf ever taken weighed in at a smashing 175 pounds and was trapped in 1939. However most wolves are in the 90-110 pound range.

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