Bear Spray Better than Firearm in Grizzly Encounters

Steve Herrero from the University of Calgary looked at different scenarios where hunters or hikers had encounters with grizzly bears. The hunters usually had firearms to deter the grizzly, and hikers or hunters had bear spray to use in their encounters. The firearm portion of the study looked at 269 cases, out of 444 hunters. The bear spray study looked at 72 cases, out of 175 people.

Texans Can Hunt in "Silence"

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department adopted a new rule allowing hunters to hunt using silencers. Some animals, such as feral hogs were already being hunted with silencers, now they can be used when hunting alligators, game animals and game birds. To use a silencer while hunting one must submit an application to the ATF and pay $200 for a background check.

South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Gets an Earful

The Black Hills area of South Dakota has two main big game animal populations, elk and mountain lion. They were the key topics discussed at a public meeting. About 40 people came to speak out to the upper management of the South Dakota GF&P, because they believe the GF&P is lying to them. Lying about the actual depredation of elk by the mountain lions. The public believes that the GF&P gives out too many cow elk tags and not enough mountain lion tags. The elk herds seem to be dwindling, and the number of mountain lions grows.

Get the Most Deer "Game" Player Gets Caught

Wisconsin has some great rural areas, that is home to thousands of whitetail deer. They also have a hunting season, that many residents like to participate in. This story is not about hunters, this story is about young men who went on a wild "thrill kill."

Nathan Blaha (20) of Hillsboro, Wisconsin, along with Steven Blaha (17) and Brogan Gillingham (18) and another young male may have killed over 100 deer. Nathan Blaha had killed the most. In court papers when asked why he did it, Nathan wrote it was because they had a bet to see who could kill the most deer.

Mama Bear Saves Hiker from Mountain Lion

Robert Biggs of Paradise, California has some favorite hiking spots. One that he frequents is in the Bean Soup Flat area above Whiskey Flats. On numerous occasions on these hikes he has seen a mother bear with her cubs at different times of year and different ages. All of the occasions have been friendly.

On Monday he came upon the bear with a cub and a yearling. He watched them for awhile, and then he was ready to turn around on the trail to leave the bear family alone. Suddenly from behind a mountain lion attacked him. The mountain lion stuck its paws into Bigg's backpack, luckily missing Bigg's head.

Night Coyote Hunting Discussed in North Carolina

North Carolina counties are affected by the growing coyote population, some a lot more than others, but most are affected by the wild animals. A proposal being discussed would allow night hunting for coyotes, in some counties year round.

Will Warm Weather Affect Your Hunting?

Last year's reports were all about how the wildlife wasn't doing well because of the extreme winter weather. This year was a very mild winter in most places, and reports are stating that the warm weather is affecting the animals as well.

One of the main causes of the moose population's decline has been winter ticks. Winter ticks in a good cold winter would die, keeping their levels where moose could thrive. Without those long cold spells the winter ticks are not dying off, and the moose are succumbing to the parasites. New Hampshire, Maine and Minnesota are noticing the effects on their moose population.

Kansas DWPT Approves Limited Crossbow Use

Word had gotten out that the Kansas legislators were planning to pass an act that would allow more crossbow use. The Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism commission beat them to it, they decided they wished to be in control and have more power over the ruling. They voted 7-0 Thursday to allow Kansas hunters 55 and over, and youth hunters with a permit to use crossbows during turkey and big game archery seasons, as soon as September 17th.

Man Says Wolf in Question is His Dog, Not Wolf

Seven people were attacked by a wolf, maybe multiple wolves, in the Shandong province of China. Two of the people have died from the attacks. One wolf was killed, and then another one was captured. When a local man, Wang, saw a picture of the "wolf" he said he knew right away it was his husky dog, Lady. He said the dog had disappeared, but he very much wants his pet back.

Minnesota Moose Hunt Will Go On

There was some concern with the declining moose population that the hunting season would or even should be cancelled. That will not be the case, there will be a limited bull moose only season from September 29- October 14th.

Since 2006 the moose population has been halved. The current population is estimated at 4,230, a 14% decrease from the last year estimated population. The decline is not blamed on hunting. The limited amount of hunting allowed and the fact that it's bull only is not considered to be a factor. There are enough bulls to help create the next generation. The decline is being blamed on several factors; parasites, diseases and warm weather.

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