Harsh Winter Impacting Montana Wildlife

The Great Falls Tribune is running a detailed write up on how this winter is impacting the state's wildlife and it doesn't look good.

Harsh Winter Taking a Toll on North Dakota Wildlife

With North America gripped in the icy clutches of another cold front, wildlife are taking a hit. Three years of above average snowfall and cold temperatures is negatively affecting North Dakota game populations, with some of the worst months still to come. has a write up on how the cold is affecting game populations.

Florida Bears Tear Up Car

For reasons yet to be determined it appears that two black bears attempted to break into a Florida car. The Orlando Sentinel has the full story.

About 1 a.m., Swerdlow's neighbor saw two bears cuddling up to the car parked on Wyndham Court, a cul-de-sac not far from Wekiwa Springs State Park. The neighbor saw one bear climb on top of the car, and the other lean against it. Swerdlow said there was no food inside.

South Dakota Legislation Would Require Gun Ownership

While it looks like the bill will not pass, five South Dakota lawmakers have started a state bill that would require gun ownership after turning 21. While the idea is provocative it appears that the state reps introduced the bill to highlight the federal health care reform passed last year. The Argus Leader has the full details.

Porcupine Caribou Herd on the Rebound

It appears that the Porcupine caribou herds of Alaska and Canada are on the rebound. Preliminary counts from the 2010 photo census put population counts over the previous count of 123,000 from 10 years ago. However the final numbers are still being compiled and won't be known for a few months. has the full story.

Balancing Acts

While driving out for our last big game hunt of the year, my hunting partners and I have been kicking around ideas about how to incorporate all of our out of state in-laws, kinfolk, long lost and legitimate friends into the coming year’s hunts.  The challenge of showing them a good hunt is very satisfying.  We’ve kept them abreast of our hunting exploits, and it’s difficult to give out a blanket “no” to those who want in on our hunting adventures.  Anyway, what I’m going to walk you through in this article are some of the variables we try to consider when planning hunts.  It’s always a delicate balancing act.

Nevada's First Black Bear Hunt Gets Contentious

Last December Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners unanimously approved the state's first black bear hunt after careful review of the state's black bear population. However those opposed to the hunt are gearing up to fight the potential hunt planned for this coming August through December. The Reno Gazette Journal has the full story.

Wolf Pack Confirmed in Northern Oregon

Wolves originally introduced into Yellowstone continue to expand their range with the potential of eventually moving into southern Washington. Wildlife officials confirmed that more Rocky Mountain wolves are moving west and setting up camp in Oregon, with a confirmed pack in Umatilla county. The East Oregonian has the full report.

First 2011 BigGameHunt Grand Slam Challenge Starts on February 1st

The points are back! Starting on Tuesday we will be holding our first Grand Slam Challenge of 2011. Official Rules and Contest Prizes are posted and available for review. For February, the new Sponsor is KIWI Camp Dry Products, they kicked in some of their performance water repellents along with some Badlands Pursuit packs. Thanks for the support KIWI! We rounded out the rest of the prizes ourselves, check them out!

Yakama Nation Combines with SCI to Release Antelope in Washington

Indian Country News has an interesting story up about the SCI working with the Yakama Nation to reintroduce pronghorn to the Yakama's reservation. Earlier this month a group of volunteers rounded up 99 Nevada pronghorns and released them in Washington.

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