Montana Governor Claims, No Big Wolf Kills Planned

The Seattle Times is running an update in regards to Montana Gov. Brian Scweitzer's comments last week, which caused quite a stir.

Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer turned heads when he announced he was sending out state wildlife agents to kill packs of endangered wolves any time they attack livestock or drive down elk numbers.

Trail Cam Catches Rare Photo of 8 Cougars on Game Trail

Washington resident Brad Thomas captured a rare event on his trail cam, a total of 8 mountain lions. The image has been verified as authentic by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife in Wenatchee. The Seattle Times has the complete story.

Colorado Draw Strategies

Hopefully you now understand Colorado's big game drawing process.  What I’m going to attempt to do this week is to show you how to apply that knowledge into some application strategies for Colorado.

For starters, if you’re planning on hunting with Over The Counter Tags, why not apply for a preference point?  Yeah, you have to front the money, but if you’ve already budgeted the money for the license, you may as well start accumulating points for a future hunt in a limited season, even if it’s the same unit you normally hunt.

Boy Applies Lighter to Dad's Hunting Ammo

According to the Grand Rapids Press, for reasons most likely only known to him, a Michigan boy found one of his father's 30-06 cartridges and decided to apply an open flame to it. Unsurprisingly the round exploded and luckily the boy escaped serious injury.

Montana Governor: Remove Whole Wolf Packs

In perhaps the boldest confrontation of state versus federal power in the wolf wars, Montana Governor Schweitzer wrote the Department of the Interior, notifying the department of "new directives" regarding Montana's wolf management.

First, for Montana’s northwest endangered wolves (north of Interstate 90), any livestock producers who kill or harass a wolf attacking their livestock will not be prosecuted by Montana game wardens. Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks (FWP) wardens will be directed to exercise their prosecutorial discretion by not investigating or citing anyone protecting their livestock.

Further, I am directing FWP to respond to any livestock depredation by removing whole packs that kill livestock, wherever this may occur.

Massive Debias Bear Gains More Awards

The Tribune Democrat is running an in-depth story on Rod Debias who took a world record brown bear with a bow near Nome Alaska in 2009. The grizzly is truly amazing weighing an estimated 1300 pounds and the hide measuring 9 feet 4 inches unstretched. Mr. Debias plans to eventually donate the skull to the Buffalo Bill Museum in Cody Wyoming.

Huge Mountain Lion Photo Story Unfolds

Over the last few weeks a photo has been circulating on the internet of a huge cougar taken by a hunter. The Trail Daily Times has a story about the cat and the hunter, which is apparently not the fellow holding the cat. The cougar weighed 160 pounds and was taken in southern British Columbia with the help of hounds.

Virginia Elk Reintroduction on Track

According to the Bluefield Daily Telegraph, the Virginia Board of Game and Inland Fisheries is making steady progress to reintroduce elk in 2012. When completed Virginia will join other states such as Kentucky, Tennessee, and others that have either reintroduced or are planning elk reintroductions.

Washington Bill Would Make Hound Hunting Permanent

In 1996 Washington voters banned the use of dogs when hunting cougars; however a pilot program established in 2004 has allowed the use of hounds while cougar hunting in high mountain lion complaint counties. According to the Seattle Times, lawmakers would like to make hound hunting permanent.

Hunt Elk? Colorado Wants You!

The Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) is ramping up what may be the nation's first effort by a state agency to recruit more elk hunters. According to the Denver Post from 2005-2008, the state sold 37,000 fewer elk licenses and the DOW is starting a significant marketing campaign to raise awareness of elk hunting potential in Colorado.

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